Shout Out: Brilliant DIY Chalkboard

Just had to share this smart chalkboard DIY idea.  This chalkboard is personalized with an antique frame and magnetic letters.  Very cool.  Check out the full project from Our Fifth House.

6 Unique Kitchen Ideas : Cool Kitchen Features

Having comfort features in the kitchen not only makes a kitchen more useful and home-y, but by adding these unique features to the kitchen you can also set your home apart from the rest of the housing market.  Unique kitchen features are a great selling point. For example, the photo above: This kitchen not only has stylish marble counters and Quaker cabinets, the utensils have also been hidden by adding faux cabinet doors to their fronts.  Check out the other ideas from House Beautiful.

via House Beautiful

Restoration And Industrial Lighting Trend.

Restoration style, hardware look, industrial type, whatever you call this trending style it can be spotted by its bare nuts and bolts appearance and throw back style.  Using Edison Style Bulbs will help finish the look. Shown above Jeremiah 36126-ABZ Six Light Chandelier and below the Nuvo 60-1703 Two Light Island Light.

What We're Listening To: Pomplamoose - Royals

Enjoy this mash up by Pomplamoose which includes covers of 2Pac, Beck, and the song Royals.  The band has an original sound and discography, but gains notoriety from their interpretive cover songs.  They do not disappoint with this cover and also get creative with projections of themselves on strategically placed foam board.  Check them out.