4 Simple DIY Decorating Ideas

Refurbish an inexpensive thrift store find into a kitschy statement piece. Go bold with color. Krylon Spray Paint has an awesome palette of new colors. Dress it up with some new hardware.

Create a polka dot wall pattern with a store bought stencil or use an old laundry basket (cut off the sides and use as stencils). Let latex paint thicken by leaving paint container open for a couple of hours. This condenses paint making it easier to stencil with and helps against dripping and bleeding.

Use storage containers as wall shelves. Use bigger containers like the baskets featured to hold items like towels or books while smaller containers (like letter holders) can be used as brackets to support a vase or decorative accessory.

My favorite featured DIY tip is using discarded palette planks on an accent wall. This inexpensive decorating tip is a great accent for the Restoration Hardware look, or the French Country look, or even a Contemporary interior. The look is custom and charming.

happy decorating.

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